Born in Oshawa, Mr. Ouellette is an honour graduate of Durham College in Business Administration. When he made the decision to run politically, Jerry was a National Sales Coordinator in charge of all the Consumer and Trade shows for an importer distributor. As an active member of the community, he is one of Canada’s only seven Chief and Queen Scouts, and an accomplished international dart competitor.

Mr. Ouellette has served as a member of the Board of Governors for Durham College, and has been very active in numerous local, provincial and national conservation organizations. He is a 30 plus years member of the Oshawa Naval Veterans’ Association.

Mr. Ouellette and his wife, Dianne, have two sons, Josh and Garrett.

Mr. Ouellette has always been active in outdoor sporting activities. He supports the endeavours of those who work to educate our young people in the many ways they can participate in and enjoy outdoor sports. Two of his main achievements in the Durham area involve young people and his desire to introduce them to the fun and wonder of the fishing world.

He introduced and supervises the School Hatchery Program here in Oshawa. Through this program children are introduced to the natural transition of fish from eggs right through until they hatch and eventually are reintroduced back into their natural habitat. Children are actually on the banks of the stream when the fish eggs are harvested and then continue their involvement through fish tanks, which are placed in their schools in order for the children to see the fish as they develop.

In addition, the Mr. Ouellette hosts a ”Kids’ Fishing Day” once a year. Through the support of many outdoor organizations several hundred children are invited to participate, at no charge, in a day filled with many activities. Jerry said, “this is a great opportunity for children who usually don’t have the ability to go fishing and learn what it’s all about and discover the outdoors”.

Rod, reels, and bait as well as lunch, are provided. The children can also enjoy demonstrations of dog handling, fly-casting, nature trails, and some natural history as well. Buses pick up and deliver the children to several locations in the Durham area if needed.